For same day availability please note: 

the date is faded and underlined.   

Thank you for reading our clinic policies, below. From your mobile please scroll and click, "BOOK NOW" for your desired massage treatment in minutes.  Then select today's date or the desired date on the calendar.  Now select the time you wish to visit.  Click "NEXT" and fill out all *required* information, so we can contact you if something changes with your appointment. 

 Now you are ready to book, click "NEXT"

 Remember To Mark it to Your Calendar!


Online Appointments can be booked in advance!

 But it is not necessary to book months in advance.  However, should you book 2 weeks or more in advance, due to potential scheduling conflicts, we may need to move your appointment.


If you choose to book in advance, and are unable to make your appointment, please call and leave a voicemail  24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid charges being added to your file. Your consideration will allow other clients to benefit from the desired time you wish to cancel.



New clients please click and fill out the online health history form, that when saved will be securely and confidentially stored.

"Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart".  

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